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Delight in the fine detail revealed with 76dpi technology

Rather than show you fixed and restrictive colour palettes, we are going to excite and ignite your inner creativity with our new concept in carpet design.

What we offer is more definition, more colour, more flexibility, more variety and more efficiency.

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Delight in the fine detail revealed with 76dpi technology

Are you an interior decorator, an interior decorator, or any other object builder? Do you not only want to offer exclusive carpets, but also create individual emotions? And you value additional services from your supplier in order to be optimally positioned for acquisition and implementation of a project?
Our answer to your desires are our Professional Services. Behind it hides a portfolio of professional services performed out of the hand of our carpet experts – for a lasting good impression with your customers.
Challenges inspire us. This is why we accompany you, of course, even in demanding and non-everyday projects, right up to the complete implementation.Our specialists provide you with advice and assistance and create detailed quantity calculations, CAD drawings, space simulations and accurate installation plans.

Our essentials in certified object quality

We currently supply our quality essentials in high-quality heatset polyamide pile construction in three pole insert weights of 900, 1100 and 1300 g / m².

Our data sheets contain complete specifications and references to certificates and seal all qualities and designs:
Essential 900 TR/VR , Essential 1100 TR/PR and Essential 1300 TR/VR.

The matching coating in the back

Textile recoating (TR) – for heavily stressed object floors

Fleece backing (VR) – for optimum walking comfort and impact sound insulation


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Contract collection with custom design possibility